Possible Defenses by Scott Lanzon DUI Lawyer May Use

If you’re a first-time or repeat offender recently faced with driving while under the influence, your first concern may be whether hiring a Scott Lanzon DUI lawyer is essential. Fines for first-time and repeat offenders vary greatly and may climb into the thousands. You may even be facing potential incarceration along with a suspended license, which are two serious consequences that may lead you to lose your job and eventually impact your financial livelihood. If guilt is established either by a jury trial or your own plea, the penalty you obtain depends upon the particular state law in which the incident occurred. Some states require mandatory incarceration, even for an initial offense.

Points to be working at Scott Lanzon defenses your attorney may consider after evaluating your specific case.

  • Illegitimate Stop.

Probably the most commonly used defenses in drunken driving cases, your Scott Lanzon DUI lawyer could claim an illegitimate stop after evaluating situations surrounding why law enforcement officer pulled you over in the first place. When the officer did not have probable cause to make the initial stop, you might have a valid defense. Probable cause could incorporate a traffic violation, an easily viewable defect in your car’s safety equipment, or some form of driving movement that could indicate that you’re driving while intoxicated.

  • Error in Field Sobriety Test.

If your arrest took its origin from an invalid field sobriety test, your attorney could declare that your charges should be dropped. The exam could have been improperly administered or even the results accustomed to arrest you could have been completely inaccurate. For example, the exam called horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) is usually challenged because of its inaccuracy in detecting eye movements that may be related to being drunk.

  • Inaccuracy from the Portable Breathalyzer Test.

If your arrest is made following the administration of the inaccurate portable breathalyzer test, you could have a valid defense. You’re a lawyer might wonder if the officer in the scene was educated to use the portable breathalyzer, whether the device have been subject to routine maintenance or calibration, or maybe there were intervening factors such as vomiting prior to the test was handed .