Philip Norelco AT830 Review:

Enjoy your morning routine using the Philips Norelco 4500 AT830/41 cordless, rechargeable electric shaver for males. This shaver series was formerly referred to as Powertouch, and also the newer version has been around since 2012. It’s evolved because it made its debut years back. Norelco’s electric shaver features the Aquatec seal for wet shaves without or with gel. You may also dry shave. Taking the Philip Norelco AT830 Review, you receive a perfect, comfortable shave each time. The Philips Norelco electric razor ships in easy-to-open packaging, which is very simple to make use of from beginning to end. Accessories incorporate a brush, electric charging cord, and protective cap. Substitute flexheads can be bought, though this shaver is very durable. The Philips Norelco Flex & Flow system enables the flexheads to sit in facial and neck curves and contours. The 3 rotary shaving heads from the AT830 series pivot near to the skin. These round heads provide low friction and lower skin irritation. They offer comfortable recent results for the most sensitive skin. The super lift and cut dual action cuts hair under the skin layers by lifting hair while performing, giving an easier shave. A dual precision system removes stubble together with lengthy hair. These functions give a close shave that never burns or irritates even if dry shaving. The AT830 is really a middle range. The AT830 is definitely the very best mid-level Philips device, directly lined up underneath the top-shelf shavers like the highly attractive SensoTouch 3D/1280x or 1250X. The Philips AT830 shares many features that is similar to the SensoTouch 2D.The AT810 PowerTouch may be the model released right before the AT830. The AT830 has flexing heads along with a smart pivot feature. Flexing heads adapt to curve towards your specific facial contours, and also the smart pivoting heads allow the 3 shaving heads to keep close, tight connection with the skin while cutting and trimming. This perpetuates the push/release pressure of each one of the individual heads, permitting a significantly closer shave that fixed heads. This is a great need to skip the AT810 and upgrade straight to the AT830. The AT830 shaver includes a unique Aquatec seal that enables so that it is used easily while showering, for wet shaving. To be able to shave efficiently via a single pass, the Powertouch AT830 supports an element that cuts short and lengthy hairs individually using what they call a dual-precision mechanism. This reduced the risk of irritation and improves the performance from the device without pulling your hair on your face. The attached middle range shavers such as the PT730 and PT720 need a charging duration of 8 hrs. The AT830 requires merely a single hour of charging time, supplying 40 minutes of shaving. Individuals customers who spend a lot of time traveling will love the truth that it’s so easy for traveling, clean up and charge. The product also offers an imaginative quick-charge option which get you sufficient power for any single shave in just three minutes.